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Gun Holsters Can Look Fashionable Too!

I honestly, before researching this, thought that every gun holster was the same. Slap them on and hope to God that no one saw you were packing something that would make dirty harry whimper but no, there is a lot of different variants of these holders of death. There is one of those odd ones that attach themselves to belts like bags, there are others that loop around your arm and act like a shoulder holster, there are those that, in my opinion, put the barrel of the gun too close to the regions I would really not want a piece of metal going at over seven hundred miles per hour to do damage to. Then I discovered something; female holsters.

My research brought up a lot of these female holsters that were actually quite fashionable. There is something called “concealment shorts” that are very funny to me but there is something to it, it is too hold a gun in a way that a woman can easily get it. I am just gonna tell the joke I came up with it though because I really want to say it. So, okay, joke about concealment shorts; “They put the gun on the bum, so that people can’t see the gun”. I do think that there is a reason behind this though, I do believe that women should be able to carry guns and the way you are meant to carry it should be comfortable.

I think for a lot of women that a holster made for a man would be incredibly bulky and really noticeable on who women’s clothes manipulate. I think a male shoulder holster on a woman wearing a summer dress or a similar piece of clothing, that gun holster would stick out like a sore thumb. I think the idea of a holster is that someone doesn’t want to show their gun off and wants to put their gun in there. A holster is mainly to protect the gun and the person and the people around that person. Think about if someone was open carrying compared to having a gun in a holster, one is much more threatening than the other. There is equal treatment and to give both genders objects that are equal is what is equality. Giving people the option of a female and a male holster is what equality is all about. That’s why female holsters are really amazing. It is both a place to put your gun and gain equality at the same time.

Fashion Holster

Then again, there is always behind holsters and that is wearing the right clothes. Going back to what I talked about with the summer dress think, I think a lot of women would run into the problem of what to wear while wearing a holster. I mean, I doubt a lot of gun-toting women go around town in short shorts and a bikini top but I think a fitted shirt and yoga pants (Unless you were wearing the concealment pants) aren’t exactly the thing you would wear if you were trying to conceal a gun. With a man there is a simple outfit for the idea of a holster, there is a loose fitting shirt, that can hide a lot of handguns. Even if you sat in a coffee shop or a cafe or a McDonalds, every man in there (if you’re America) could be packing something because that’s what men wear and it is a lot easier to cover up a holster with what men usually wear. That’s why they have made purses with hidden pockets and there are places that sell holsters that are bras, concealment leggings, gun waistbands and gun holsters for cars.

I see why we need female holsters and why they have to be fashionable. So, there we are. All women? Go out, lock and load.

Why Does Male Fashion Suck?

I have got to admit, as a guy, I am jealous of women’s clothing. Not because I wish to wear a dress or a skirt or hold a purse, no, I’ll leave that to other people who wish to do that. What I more mean is the choice, I am jealous of the choice that women’s fashion gets. Not so much jealous, I can’t really put my finger on how I feel about it. Jealous felt like the easiest answer to say because that’s what it feels like, I feel like I am jealous but that is an odd thing to say; “I am jealous of women’s fashion”.

Why I feel this way

So, I am going to try and explain my emotions in a much more in depth way and that is why I am writing this article. Let me explain why I feel the way I feel about women’s fashion. On a sidenote, emotions are tricky devils aren’t they? Always being hard to explain and difficult. No one I have ever met can just say that they are sad, there is a whole other level to it.

Male Fashion

Photo by Brandon Romaniecki

There is always a really complex idea behind emotions and it is a bit like colour, that colour is red but if you have a look inside, it is also that colour and this colour. It all meshes together to make red but there is a bunch of other colours that are red that are behind it. I believe the same way about emotions and that is why it is complex to talk about how I feel about women’s clothings. I will try and be as unsubtle as possible with my judgement and say this; “it’s the amount of choice women have”.

That is what I am jealous of there is so many combinations, different styles, hell just individual clothing itself. There is a lot more individual clothes for women than there are for men and that is what I am emotionally strong about. The level of choice is amazing, I have to admit. I wouldn’t, as a man, believe that I could have that many choice within clothing options. What have I got as a guy? I’ve got shirts, t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shorts. That’s what I got and I don’t wear shorts unless it’s either an emergency or a big old space rock is going to crash into the planet, then I will wear shorts. I am just saying; I am jealous of the choices women get. I am also jealous they can wear women’s clothes.

Why You Should Agree With Me

Now, I can hear some of you say that, “of course you can wear women’s clothes, who is stopping you?”. Well, there is a fragile little thing, as fragile as a snowball in hell, that will stop the greatest man in the world. It’s called “masculinity”, that is the thing that tells us we can’t wear dresses, wear pink or partake with even the mildest feminine event. I am not saying that it is a good thing, I am just saying that it stops us, men, from doing a lot of feminine things, so we don’t wear women’s clothes. A woman wearing a man’s clothes doesn’t share the same stigma as a man wearing a woman’s and that allows a woman to wear a man’s clothes and therefore get more choice within clothing. Then we are stuck with this thing where women have, already, more clothes than men and then get to wear our clothes. It’s like getting kicked in the balls, except it’s fashion and not physical pain.

I am jealous that women get a few more choices than me when it comes to fashion and clothing. That I have to admit fully. I just have to say that, women’s clothes are a lot more crazy and experimental than men’s. For men’s, you have graphic tees or shirts with slogans on or that is about it. I once saw a man wearing a t-shirt that had the quote, that is the level that men’s clothes get to. I have seen women’s clothes become so massively complicated with their juxtaposition and design, that it makes me physically wonder for a second. There is a lot of design that goes into women’s clothing that is somewhat beautiful and there is a bunch of other words I could say about it, what I am getting at is; women’s clothes appear much more complicated than men’s. Complicated in a good way, complicated like a good movie that made you laugh or cry or think, that kind of complicated.

Women’s clothings is a wonderful little set of colours that can make a beautiful image if paired correctly, like, if we are going for a classy simile, like pairing wine and cheeses. Mens clothes, usually, are a means to an end. “I need to a shirt, here’s a shirt, I wear the shirt” and if that ends up on a shirt, I shall not be too pleased.

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