I honestly, before researching this, thought that every gun holster was the same. Slap them on and hope to God that no one saw you were packing something that would make dirty harry whimper but no, there is a lot of different variants of these holders of death. There is one of those odd ones that attach themselves to belts like bags, there are others that loop around your arm and act like a shoulder holster, there are those that, in my opinion, put the barrel of the gun too close to the regions I would really not want a piece of metal going at over seven hundred miles per hour to do damage to. Then I discovered something; female holsters.

My research brought up a lot of these female holsters that were actually quite fashionable. There is something called “concealment shorts” that are very funny to me but there is something to it, it is too hold a gun in a way that a woman can easily get it. I am just gonna tell the joke I came up with it though because I really want to say it. So, okay, joke about concealment shorts; “They put the gun on the bum, so that people can’t see the gun”. I do think that there is a reason behind this though, I do believe that women should be able to carry guns and the way you are meant to carry it should be comfortable.

I think for a lot of women that a holster made for a man would be incredibly bulky and really noticeable on who women’s clothes manipulate. I think a male shoulder holster on a woman wearing a summer dress or a similar piece of clothing, that gun holster would stick out like a sore thumb. I think the idea of a holster is that someone doesn’t want to show their gun off and wants to put their gun in there. A holster is mainly to protect the gun and the person and the people around that person. Think about if someone was open carrying compared to having a gun in a holster, one is much more threatening than the other. There is equal treatment and to give both genders objects that are equal is what is equality. Giving people the option of a female and a male holster is what equality is all about. That’s why female holsters are really amazing. It is both a place to put your gun and gain equality at the same time.

Fashion Holster

Then again, there is always behind holsters and that is wearing the right clothes. Going back to what I talked about with the summer dress think, I think a lot of women would run into the problem of what to wear while wearing a holster. I mean, I doubt a lot of gun-toting women go around town in short shorts and a bikini top but I think a fitted shirt and yoga pants (Unless you were wearing the concealment pants) aren’t exactly the thing you would wear if you were trying to conceal a gun. With a man there is a simple outfit for the idea of a holster, there is a loose fitting shirt, that can hide a lot of handguns. Even if you sat in a coffee shop or a cafe or a McDonalds, every man in there (if you’re America) could be packing something because that’s what men wear and it is a lot easier to cover up a holster with what men usually wear. That’s why they have made purses with hidden pockets and there are places that sell holsters that are bras, concealment leggings, gun waistbands and gun holsters for cars.

I see why we need female holsters and why they have to be fashionable. So, there we are. All women? Go out, lock and load.