In “Kingsman: The Secret Service“, one of the main characters tell us that “manners maketh man”, this happened before a massive fight scene but I don’t believe that the character is correct. As Forest Gump tells us that his mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been. I think this quote fitters better into what the Kingsman was talking about, it isn’t manners, it’s the shoes. I mean, of course it is amazing when a man or anyone displays manners, holding the door open or saying thank you. Manners always help a person look good but you know what makes a person look good? Looking good, dressing nicely. Shoes are always what you should focus on looking good, everything else has to as well but shoes are always looked over.

Shoes maketh the man

Shoes maketh the man

Most of the reason a man should pay attention to his shoes is because there is always the visual aspect. They don’t make up even a lot of what you wear but they are always the end point and, as always, you always remember the end of something better. You remember the end of a good movie, a bad movie, a good book, a bad book, people, most of the time, will always remember the ending. The ending, on a person, is the shoes. The shiny red converses, the polished combat boots, the dirty hiking boots. Tell yourself, what would you think of a person wearing those three pairs of shoes? What would you think of their character and way of life? What does it tell you in general about a person? You could be completely wrong, the person you call lazy could just be rushed because they need to get to their date that might make their life a thousand times better but, if you don’t know that, that doesn’t matter. A lot of what matters is the person’s own visual view of the world. Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”, that applies to people. A person’s reality is what they think and, if they think you are a lazy person because of your ending, their reality shows that you are a lazy person. Their reality may not matter to you, a random person on the street thinking that but what about at a wedding? A job interview? Or something else just as important?

That allows me to talk about this; wearing shoes when appropriate. You wear fancy loafers when you go to a fancy bar because bars can have sticky floors, they’ll be covered in sticky beer sludge, gum from the street and a whole host of other substances that will be rather not nice to step in. Loafers are great if you need a comfortable and durable shoe to wear to be able to. There is always a suitable shoe for the right occasion. The right boots for the right work, like Timberland boots (the Titan 26078) are great for work boots as they don’t have a break-in period and can be worn to work the very same day. There is always the right shoe to wear to a perfect place or the wrong shoe to wear. I am not saying you can’t wear boots to a bar but they have to look all right, as I said you have to wear the right footwear where and when it’s appropriate. There is nothing to it apart from that, wear footwear that feels appropriate to the situation. You are going somewhere where the sun will be hotter than hell? Wear thin material shoes because then you don’t have your feet swimming in sweat. Going somewhere fancy? Maybe wear something traditionally classy. Going somewhere where your shoes need to get dirty? Wear boots you can easily polish. It is really as simple as asking yourself a single question.

Another thing is you have to be comfortable in your shoes. There is no reason to sacrifice comfort and fit for price. Would you buy a movie that is not decent because it is a lower price than the better one? No, no you wouldn’t, you would buy the better one and have the better one to watch. The same should be with shoes. You wear shoes that fit well and feel nice. You always look good when you feel comfortable, you have a natural smile on your face and you look physically comfortable. There is a clear look to you if you feel uncomfortable or not and that is why you should wear shoes that fit and look comfortable. You look more confident when you are comfortable because you aren’t thinking about how your shoes is digging into that part of your foot and that you are going to have to check that later and how that might be tearing your foot to ribbons. No, instead, you’ll be thinking about the subject you have at hand and feel comfortable and look it in this interview or date or whatever you have. You feel comfortable, you look comfortable, you will then look confident. Simple enough really.

Shoes maketh man. Make sure you look good.